Foodie Cubes

thrive on real food



Easy to use. Back to basics.

Foodie Cubes are 1oz frozen cubes of pureed fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains. Real food that everyone can thrive on, Foodie Cubes are the perfect base for smoothies, soups, sauces, stews, baked goods, omelettes, quiches, and more.

We use only organic or sustainably grown ingredients. We source from local farms wherever possible and include seasonal flavors throughout the year. We buy the freshest ingredients at the peak of their season, gently steam or poach them, then puree, portion and freeze them. We may have to add a little bit of the steaming liquid to reach the desired consistency and texture, but that’s it. We do not add any natural or artificial flavors, preservatives, sugar, dairy or nuts. Once solidly frozen we package them with seven Foodie Cubes per bag!

no frills organic goodness guaranteed


We’re Great for Everything

veggies & fruits
for smoothies,
soups, sauces & more

Healthy tasty smoothies for you and your family. Simply place one, two or three cubes in a blender, add your preferred liquid, add-ons and spices, process and enjoy! Begin with one of our Foodie Cubes recipes and then create your own favorite smoothie!

Add Foodie Cubes to your favorite soups, sauces and other dishes to add extra nutrition for you and your family.


Perfect for people in geriatric care and anyone else who temporarily or on a permanent basis can only consume and digest pureed foods.


Only the best
for your baby’s
first solid foods

Start your baby off on a healthy, flavorful journey through life with our unique Foodie Cubes.  We’ve created 25+ different organic taste experiences designed for babies from 4+ months. Feed one cube at a time in addition to your regular formula or breast milk and mix and match different flavors and textures as your baby grows. Foodie Cubes allow you to put together a healthy wholesome meal for your LO in just a few minutes. Depending on your baby's appetite, simply pick two, three or four Foodie Cubes and warm them gently on the stove or heat them in the microwave.  Foodie Cubes expose your child to a variety of different natural, pure flavors and help to develop and strengthen their taste buds