Stefani Glass in her kitchen.

Stefani Glass in her kitchen.

My Story, Our Mission

The best products are born out of a need. In the case of Foodie Cubes, it was the lack of ready to eat baby food while we lived in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where our two older children were born. Since all we could find at the supermarket were some dusty old jars with dubious looking content, I began to prepare baby food from fresh, seasonal ingredients. In Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, the local growers (all small holders and largely organic) grew wonderful fresh produce that came into the city from the surrounding farms and mountains. Each vegetable or fruit was in the markets only for a few short weeks and sometimes for days only. You had to seize the moment, and I quickly developed expert steaming, freezing, canning, preserving and pickling skills! I came up with recipes and a system for meals from infant to toddler that was a startling success with our own three children (and my husband). When we moved to Atlanta in 2009, I quickly noticed many families agonizing, struggling and stressing over what and how to feed their kids. I also witnessed a growing number of children being picky eaters, unwilling to try new foods, and totally hooked on tastes based around processed and sugar laden, but attractively packaged, foods. I started to wonder whether it had something to do with the way our kids had started their food journey in life. After some market research and working with a number of diverse test families I came up with Foodie Cubes, 1oz frozen cubes of pureed veggies, fruits, proteins and grains.

Since then Foodie Cubes has grown up, just like our kids. It is no longer just Baby Food, it’s REAL food that everybody can thrive on…

Foodie Cubes for smoothies, soups, sauces, stews, bakes, omelettes, quiches and more.

And that’s been my mission from the start: to make it quick, easy and convenient for babies, children and adults alike to eat healthy and thrive! No more excuses!